Inbox of games: What do you think of the Gambit mode of Destiny 2 Forsaken?

I only answer the PC for the reader's son.

I would not recommend Zoomstorm, I know others have said this, but their cheap price is not for nothing.

Another point is if you can pay for a 6GB graphics card, this future is proof of the system and everything that is lower, will get difficult.

AMD is cheaper than Intel, but you do need a good fan system when they are hot. Secondly, when I built a PC I discovered that it was best to search for the part you need and then build it separately, for example:

AMD FX8350
1060 GTX card
16 GB of memory

This is what I turn and plays pretty much everything, it costs about £ 700. I knew this could be a bit higher than your budget, but always do your research. A great site is called Game Debate, you put in the game and select your specifications – CPU, graphics, etc. – and it tells you whether that system will run the game and how well. This way you can find a PC that matches what your son wants to play.

I hope this helps.
PS: You do not have to spend £ 2,000 on a half-grade gaming PC unless you want 4K graphics.

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