Monument Valley movie news: release date updates for Bafta game for new Hollywood movie

Monument Valley movie news: release date updates for Bafta game for new Hollywood movieUSTWO GAMES

Monument Valley movie news: release date updates for Bafta game for new Hollywood movie

Monument Valley is an Indie puzzle game in which the player leads Princess Ida through mazes of optical illusion and impossible objects.

The game, released for iOS, Android and Windows phones, was published by Ustwo Games and was released in 2014.

Monument Valley is known for its unique visual style, which is inspired by Japanese prints and minimalist sculptures.

A sequel to the game was released in June and November 2017 for iOs and Android.

"I do not remember where this crazy roller coaster ends"

Dan Gray – UsTwo Games head

The original game has been downloaded more than 160 million times.

The game won several prizes, such as the best mobile game at The Game Awards 2017 and the best mobile game at the Unity Awards 2017.

It has now become apparent that the popular telephone game developed in East London is being converted into a Hollywood film.

The Monument Valley film is developed by Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures.

The Indie puzzle video game film is directed by Patrick Osborne, who won the best animated short film Oscar for the party.

Date of publication:

A release date for the film has not yet been announced.

The director is currently working on Nimona, which will be released in 2020.

This means that it will probably not be sooner.

Story / director quotes:

UsTwo Games head Dan Gray told Newsbeat: "I do not even know where this crazy roller coaster ends.

"To get to this point, from a group of people in Shoreditch who just want something they're proud of, it's really humble."

When it comes to story, the possibilities are endless, because there are hundreds of different stories & # 39; to tell, Dan said.

Monument Valley movieUSTWO GAMES

Monument Valley film news: you have to guide Princess Ida through mazes

He continued: "One of the reasons we decided to give this the time of the day is that it is a story that leaves a lot to your imagination.

"The story of Monument Valley one and two comes from the interpretation of a player.

The film is something that captures the identity of the images and the feeling and the characters with which they can go wherever they want.

"It is not determined by certain lines and conversations that took place in the game that we have already made".

Live action characters are brought into the extraordinary world of mind-bending.

Director Osborne said: "Monument Valley is a unique experience, at the same time small, with a meditative, simple gameplay and enormous in its history.

"I have the privilege of being handed the reins to the mysterious kingdom of Ida, to play her world of impossible architecture, where everything is different to see things differently.

"I am delighted to bring this unique world to the theaters with the talented storytellers from Paramount and Weed Road."

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