Nintendo has just revealed a lot of indie games on its way to Switch

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Perhaps the most anticipated Nintendo Switch game of the year, but there are still many games coming to the platform before the year is over. Today, Nintendo UK published a nearly 23-minute video to show some of the indie games coming to Switch in the near future. The company has done this many times before and calls indie games especially enthusiastic about Nintendo Nindies & # 39;

The difference is that we did not warn this video in advance – it seems to have been published out of nowhere. We will not complain about that, because there is enough reason to get excited about the future of indie games on the Nintendo Switch. In the video of today we talked about some of the titles we have heard in the past, such as Bad North, which was unveiled early in Switch's life and today receives a surprise release.

Besides a number of games that we already knew, this video made a number of surprise announcements. Some of the biggest announcements are Switch ports Kill the Spire (at the beginning of next year) and terrariums (release somewhere in 2019). windjammers gets a follow-up even years later, and that will be here next year.

As well, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition will be released today, while the Escape Mode DLC will appear later this summer. Everspace, a space shooter roguelike that was launched on PC last year, will go to the Switch in December, while 11 Bit Studios will also bring some of its titles to the platform. This includes Beunhaasthat will be launched this autumn.

Although we have covered a lot of announcements in this presentation, there is much more to see. View the video above for full details and go to the Comments section to tell us which Indie title you are most excited about.

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