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The latest PS5 release date news

The latest PS5 release date news (Image: SONY)

Outside of Sony HQ, there are not many who know about the PS5 release date.

Analysts and leakers have had their say when it might be announced, but this comes with different results.

Fans are also wondering what kind of new features a PlayStation 5 may boast, what with the recent rumors concerning rival consoles.

The Xbox Two, for example, has been heavily linked to cloud gaming, with many believing that two consoles could be in production.

And Sony are no slouches when it comes to streaming games, using the PlayStation Now service in conjunction with the PS4.

PS5 rumors will probably remain until something is finally announced by Sony.

And the latest news suggests that something might be in the works for 2019.

It was recently announced that Sony would not be hosting the PlayStation Experience in California, in 2018.

Will PS4 and Xbox One gamers find out more in 2019?

Will PS4 and Xbox One gamers find out more in 2019? (Image: SONY)

Sony chairman Shawn Layden the news earlier this week, confirming that there was not enough to show off to justify hosting one.

"Now that we have Spider-Man out the door, we're looking down in 2019 to games like Dreams and Days Gone, but we would not have enough people together in some location in North America to have that event, "Heed on the PlayStation Blogcast.

"We do not want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on it. It was a hard decision, but we have determined that this year we will not hold PlayStation Experience. "

This has sparked rumors that Sony PlayStation is instead focusing on the PS5 release date.

Will the PSX be back in 2019, complete with a big announcement? Is there a chance that they could hold a PSX event much earlier in the year so that they can reveal their latest console?

These are the questions and will remain unresolved for months.

But it's fair to say that 2019 will be an important year for both Sony and Microsoft.

Sony PlayStation will not be hosting PSX this year

Sony PlayStation will not be hosting PSX this year (Image: SONY)

A recent rumor was posted online that claims both consoles will be shown in 2019.

This stems from a report on a new Justice League game, which is allegedly in the next generation of devices.

Take it all at a time.

While we do not know when exactly the PS5 will be announced we will know something about the new console that it will share with the PS4.

One of these facts is the launch of cross-game gaming through the likes of third-party content.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the first game to benefit from this new functionality.

Players will be able to join up with others on the Xbox One, with more games expected to be announced soon.

This, of course, will change how the PS5 works, and will certainly please gamers who are looking for a new console in a few years.

And this is not the only new feature Sony is launching on the PS4.

While the PS Plus subscription service, it has been revealed that the PS Now streaming service has been altered in one substantial way.

Fans can now download the games they usually stream, with the rival Xbox Game Pass.

"Hundreds of PS4 games including Bloodborne, God of War 3 Remastered, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, DiRT Rally and Farming Simulator 17 will be available to download, in addition to the line-up of classic PS2 games remastered for PS4," a message on the official PlayStation website explains.

"This feature will be rolled out to users in September, so if you do not see the feature on your PS now.

"Downloaded games will be available in native resolution with 5.1 surround sound, plus they will support all user-purchased DLCs, microtransactions, add-ons, and PS4 Pro enhancements.

"And remember, you do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription for online multiplayer on PS Now."

This game will be available offline when they have a download, but it should be that you need to connect your PS4 system to the internet once a week to verify your PS Now subscription.

This is another big shift for the Sony PlayStation brand that seems to be a shift towards new features for the PS5.

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