Samsung Galaxy S10 can have the functions that the Galaxy S9 has left behind

The Galaxy S10 is expected to follow the Samsung tradition by being announced in February before it is released the following month.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to radically change the design of the Samsung flagship. Many prediction brackets on the device can be reduced to allow for an enhanced full-screen look.

There is also heavy rumor about the phone with a fingerprint sensor on the inside of the glass for a futuristic release.

But now Samsung fans may have a good idea of ​​what the upcoming phone might look like thanks to a new Concept Creator video.

The clip offers a pest for what the next hardware of the South Korean tech giant might look like.

The phone has an arrangement with a triple camera and seems to be in line with previous rumors that Samsung would be planning to place another lens on the back of the S10.

Although the function of the new sensor has not been confirmed, some have speculated that a wide-angle lens can be added to provide a unique field of view.

This would probably connect to a primary and telephoto lens on the back of the device to create an incredibly capable snapper setup.

Three versions of the phone are also shown, which contributes to speculation that Samsung could launch three models of the S10 next year.

As early as July, a report from The Bell stated that Samsung could plan a cheaper model of the S10 in an effort to make the flagship more attractive.

The publication insisted that an "entry level" device should join the expected Galaxy S10 and S10 +, but comes with a number of compromises in exchange for a lower price tag.

The cheaper model of the S10 is set to dispense with a fingerprint sensor in the screen, the Korean site added.

Instead, his fingerprint sensor is said to have been placed on the side of the device.

Unfortunately The Bell did not announce what other differences there would be in the more affordable version of the S10 compared to the more premium variants.

Although the Galaxy S10 could offer a lot of new features, it could still miss 5G network connectivity, according to recent comments from the head of Samsung's mobile arm, DJ Koh.

The boss stated that the Galaxy S10 will not be the first piece of hardware from the South Korean tech giant to show the blistering connection speeds, according to ZDNet.

Instead, he explained that another Samsung device will first benefit from the long-awaited feature.

DJ Koh, however, has not made clear whether the S10 5G connectivity would be missing or that it would be started after another product has done so.

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