Say hello to the Infiniti Prototype 10

Infiniti is not like its competitors. Because it has no history. No legendary, decades-old models on which false special editions can be based or that serve as inspiration for wild concepts.

Concepts such as the Prototype 10, whose maker nevertheless says that it is an attempt to "recapture the spirit of early speedsters". And presumably fool the exuberantly trousered, expensively loafered people from Pebble Beach into the thinking of a brand established in the late eighties by Nissan's marketing men has something that vaguely resembles & # 39; heritage & # 39 ;.

Although we are 110 percent sure that Infiniti will suddenly not start building single-seaters, it is likely that elements of the design of the Prototype 10 will drip into its road cars.

Not the layout with one seat, which, however, should be indicative of the "driver-oriented approach" of the brand, and brought about through the "opportunities created by the use of electrified drives". Two things that the Prototype 10 almost certainly does not possess, what with a one-off, hand-built design study a & # 39; everything & # 39; is.

Design director Karim Habib calls it "looking back to move forward". He says the prototype 10 is based on "some of the most iconic and evocative designs of all time" to show how excited Posh Nissan is about the upcoming era of electrification, and what features gamblers will be associating with the EV & # 39 ; s, range-extenders and hybrids will start selling in 2021. It also refers to the potential for Infiniti to use rigid, modular platforms with flat floors to support each of its new electrified vehicles.

The flat upward facing surfaces of the Prototype 10 reflect the "uninterrupted nature of the supply of electrical energy," the company says, while the geometric lines that accentuate the bodywork are supposed to refer to the "shock of sudden acceleration" infused with a EV drive line. There is not much in the cabin, and that is no coincidence. One seat – naturally – mounted on the flat floor, a four-point belt and brake / accelerator pedals. The steering wheel is a flat-bottomed article mounted on two carbon supports, but because this is an Infiniti, it is not really connected to the front wheels, given the company's use of steer-by-wire technology.

In spite of everything, we do not hate what the thing looks like, even if the concept is a bit cynical. Thoughts, commentators of the internet?

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