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Digital well-being tools built into the latest Apple mobile software are meant to help people reduce the time they spend watching screens.

Like some services on Google & # 39; s Android, the Screen Time app generates weekly reports on how to use the app, received notifications, and even how often you retrieve your phone. Personal timers can "limit" the app usage.

Prior to the full deployment of iOS 12, the Guardian's Sam Gibbs wrote about his experiences with the use of the app, and we now like to hear from readers. How do you use the apps and what you have learned about your use? Maybe you are surprised and are you going to do something about it? Perhaps you were hoping for a way to check the use for yourself or family members?

Share your experiences

If you have downloaded one of the software, you can tell us your experiences and share your opinion in the form below. How would you generally describe the amount of screen time you have – and have you been surprised to find exact numbers of the apps? Are you planning to change your habits? We will show some of your most interesting contributions as part of a new article.

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