The Fortnite storm damages player-created structures from patch 5.40

A new development update posted today (see above) reveals some of the changes that came to Fortnite in patch 5.40. At the top of the order is that at the end of a race, the edges of the storm will damage the structures built by the player. Epic says that less than 10 percent of the matches actually come to a point where this system will jump in, and it is in line with Epic's stated desire to introduce more late game-strats that do not involve feverish building.

In the 5.40 update, the revolver is also sent to the vault "to keep the item pool fresh and dynamic." It can come back in the future and the update will introduce something new: a mobility item about which we do not know anything anymore.

Finally, the patch will also include balance changes, such as increasing the rarity of external explosives, increasing the stack size of boogie bombs from one to two, and increasing the maximum stack size of shields to three. We do not know exactly when the 5.40 update will go, but expect him quickly.

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