The iconic N64 Multiplayer from Goldeneye 007 was not originally planned for the game

Goldeneye 007

We have posted something new on it a great historical feature Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64, where Mel Magazine's team talked to a number of creators of the game about a number of topics. But an interesting note that emerged is the multiplayer, which is simply the most popular part of the game. Here's the thing: it almost did not happen.

In the Oral History special, several participants talked about how multiplayer would eventually become part of the game. For example, Chris Kohler, Kotaku, stated: "At that time single player mode was the most important thing, because that's what people did with their game consoles." Overall, game consoles had two controller ports, but the Nintendo 64 changed things by setting the four ports as standard. That made out-of-the-box parties with four players possible, because you did not have to buy an expansion multipack, so developers were more likely to use functionality for four players. "

David Doak, a member of the development team at Rare, added: "The multiplayer mode, which is now seen as crucial for the great success, was for a long time just a wish list, not a thing we certainly would have done. four controller ports, so he asked the idea that you would have a split screen with four players, but we would only program a multiplayer mode if we had time. "

On the technical side of the case, Mark Edmonds, gameplay and motor programmer, joined forces. "I remember that I had the code to process the split screen view with four players before we had the permission to add in a multiplayer mode, so I could, if the decision was made to include it , say: Well, we are already working in a split screen mode – it would be a shame not to use it! & # 39;

"We got a simple demo mode and it was fun, so we all decided it had to be turned into a real part of the game with different modes and scoreboards and something like that, I do not think I ever had it as a game-changer seen at that time, but we all enjoyed playing it ourselves and had a lot of fun developing it, so that was enough. "

Doak said they took a big chance when they showed it to Nintendo, because the publisher was initially unaware of his creation. "When it was finally revealed to the management and Nintendo that we were working, they were very satisfied."

So, yes, in the end multiplayer was not originally planned, but has now become an iconic part of the game. And, man, we have to play it again.

Goldeneye 007 is now available for Nintendo 64. If you want, you can also check out Goldeneye 007 Reloaded for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with similar multiplayer features.

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