The new Gambit mode from Destiny 2 is available on September 1st

Destiny 2& # 39; S next big Forsaken extension is launched on September 4th and one of the big additions is a new Gambit mode. It is a mix of the game versus player environment and player-versus-player modes, and the combination ensures that players fight enemies in two separate zones with the ability for one player from each team to teleport in the zone of one to cause rival and carnage. It is one of the most highly anticipated parts of it Destiny 2 Forsaken, and now fans can play a little earlier than expected.

Bungie allows everything Destiny 2 players have access to Gambit for 1 day only on 1 September (from 1 pm ET / 10AM PT), prior to the Forsaken release on 4 September. Although fans have been able to try it out on both E3 and Gamescom, it opens the mode for everyone Destiny 2 player for 24 hours. It is also a smart way to entice players to pre-order Forsaken prior to release and to make players enthusiastic Destiny again.

Bungie switched many things Destiny 2and the changes alienated the loyal player base. Forsaken is an opportunity to correct some of the changes made Destiny 2and the new Gambit mode is a nice addition. I got a chance on Gamescom a few times this week and it feels like it fits Destiny 2His vast universe is pretty good. It is fast enough to attract those who are doing well on PvP, and team-based enough for PvE fans.

If you are one of many Destiny 2 fans who have switched to other games over the past few months, Gambit and Forsaken in general are busy adding important changes that can give a new impetus Destiny 2. September is a busy month for video games, but Forsaken may be enough to seduce Destiny 2 players back. You can play Destiny 2& # 39; S new Gambit mode on September 1st.

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