The verdict on the i8 Roadster from BMW? It is electric

BEFORE I wrote this review of the BMW i8 Roadster, I looked back on the last three years of this column.

Not for a misty derailment of memories or the like.

   The seating position in the cockpit is so low, it feels literally more like flying than driving

olgun kordal

The seating position in the cockpit is so low that it literally feels more like flying than driving

I wanted reminding myself which cars were there when released – a few years spent boxing bad as a youth and a maturity affection for Guinness means that memory is not what it should be.

Things have not changed much. Almost every week a family car was launched, SUVs were still as popular as Harry Styles during a summer camp for girls' guides.

And the occasional supercar of ambitious outfits like Lambo and Aston kept these pages shiny, just like they do today.

But one thing stood out – electric and hybrid cars were rare. We are only halfway through 2018 and this column is already graced by the Jaguar iPace, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid and an abundance of hybrids from Volvo and Lexus.

   If you drive carefully, you can get 33 miles range on battery only - but who wants to drive carefully?

Olgun Kordal

If you drive carefully, you can only get 33 miles on battery – but who wants to drive carefully?

It is clear the battle has been won by Team Green in recent years. In the early days EVs and hybrids were easy to criticize, but that has changed.

Auto & # 39; s different from other technology – think of the early mobile phones? You could use them as a door stop when you're done with your crazy vocation, which was probably frying your brain cells.

If you are still resistant to the idea of ​​electrified engines, I think the BMW i8 Roadster will make you a believer.

Have you seen a cooler looking car? I would have a hard time answering yes.

   With 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds this is the view that you can normally expect from the i8 Roadster

olgun kordal

with 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds, this is the view that you can normally expect from the i8 Roadster

. Normally when manufacturers strive to come up with a "groundbreaking design", it seems like an eight-year-old has done it, like the VW XL1. But not this.

The wing doors, normally found on the wall-worthy McLarens, almost justify the price tag of £ 124,000 alone.

But looks mean nothing without performance. Fortunately, the i8 Roadster turns out to be fun. Scratch that, it's ridiculously fun.

On paper, the 0.62 km / h time of 4.6 seconds is not very impressive, considering that the iPace with an SUV format turns it off in 4.8.

   From above lines on this breathtaking beauty are simply overwhelming

olgun kordal

From above the lines on this breathtaking beauty are simply overwhelming

But the driving position is lower than that of a snake, so squeezing in the in the cockpit you can imagine that you are driving an F1 car.

It feels stoneware fast – the 141 hp electric motor delivers an instant torque and its partner 1.5-liter turbo petrol (228 hp), while the revs scream while the needles are sweeping well.

This i8 of the second generation is a much more reliable electric vehicle than the previous one, thanks to a new and improved battery.

Although screwed up with 12, it has significantly increased the distance of 20 miles. to 33 – and those are figures from the real world. [19659031] The coolest way to learn to drive a car … in a £ 100,000 BMW i8 supercar

The average commuting time in the UK is over 20 miles, which means that as long as you do not drive to work like your car have stolen, you probably only could do it on the battery.

The only criticism I could get on the i8 Roadster is that it is almost too well planted.

You will struggle to squeeze out an upset, and I am a strong proponent that all two-seater sports cars should have a bit of hooligan in them.

A topless version of the i8 Coupe had been planned for years, and now it is clear that the wait was worth it.

It marks a new era in hybrid sports cars, and I suspect that if I come back to today in three years, the game will look very different.



Price: £ 124,735

Engine: 1.5-liter turbo with petrol plus electric motor

Economy: 141.2 mpg

0-62 mph: 4.6 seconds

T at speed: 155mph

Length: 4.7 meters

CO2: 46g / km

Mazda delivers his miniscule bundle of joy

PEOPLE of a certain age will have their glory days remember drop-top roadsters with two seats and small engines.

When Triumph, MG and others made the perfect cars for people who wanted a bit of fun on four wheels
And not now. Fortunately Mazda's MX-5 is there to fill that gap.

   The word for this small but perfectly shaped Mazda is nice & # 39;


The word for this small but perfectly shaped Mazda is & # 39; enjoyable & # 39; [19659006] With its 160 hp strong engine of 2 liters, the MX-5 feels a bit skimpy compared to the 400 hp strong hyklatches of today.

But he weighs less than 1100 kg, so he still creaks 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds. If you feel courageous, you can hit 133 mph.

At this point, some people who believe numbers will mock everything.

Well, let them spot. This is the most fun you will have on four wheels under 45mph.

Steering is properly weighted and direct, while you can feel exactly where the fronts are and can change their direction quickly.

The brakes can be small but if there is not a lot of car to stop, they do a decent job.
Throttle response is a festive piece – it's quick to respond and the car loves rev.

Throw it into a corner and the soft suspension leans a bit, but unless you drive like a complete birch, it bends itself into a bend without drama.

It is hilarious to point it to a winding country road and go crazy. And get crazy, because – like yesterday's roadsters – it will not reach speeds lost by licenses.

There is a downside. The car is so light because it has very little to do with it. It is also small. But if everything you want is nice for not a lot of dosh, the MX-5 delivers it.

Alex Goy



Price: £ 24,395

Engine: 2-liter 4 cylinder

Economy: 40.9 mpg

0-62 mph: 7.3 secs

Top speed: 133 mph

Length: 3.9 m

CO2: 161 g / km

Sun Motor Awards 2018

WE often have to make difficult choices. Such as: What do I like more, my dog ​​or my car?

Life should not be like that, right? We can certainly love both.

This week we ask you to select a winner for Best dog friendly car in The Sun Motor Awards 2018.

View this shortlist. You will not find any Rover among them, but all have a great dog-loving technology and durability.

1 – Land Rover Discovery

2 – Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer [19659002] 3 – SsangYong Rexton

4 – Nissan X-Trail

5 – Mazda CX-5

Go to .uk / motorawards to vote. Everyone who votes is entered in a prize draw to win a holiday for two to Dubai.

Neat small number

WITH a public holiday around the corner, Seat has devised a new way to load the car

It called in the help of an expert in KonMari – the Japanese art of optimizing the car space – to come up with the following advice.

1 – De-junk. Remove items that you can do without. Be ruthless and save only that which makes you happy.

2 – Pack smart. Fold or roll clothing and place individual items in boxes.

3 – Categorize. Keep important supplies at your fingertips and pack the boxes vertically to maximize your boot space.

  • I could think of that fate for a fraction of the price.

Readers' car of the week

WE do not see enough Americana on this page, so a big thank you to Fred Brindle from Ramsbottom, near Bury, for sending this.

   What can you say about this bold but Cor!
What can you say about this & # 39; fat but Cor!

Fred says: "This is my Corvette C4 from 1990 with a 5.7 V8 engine.

" It has traveled 76,000 miles, but it is still in great shape. "

To see your own pride and joy on these pages, send us a photo along with a brief description of the motorcycle to [email protected].

Bike News [19659095] Moto is a must-see

MOTOGP is coming home.

The Silverstone round of the first-class class in two-wheelers will be returning next weekend, giving you the perfect opportunity to take in the smells (they are good, trust us) and sounds of the best show on earth.

   MotoGP is back at Silverstone next weekend
MotoGP is back at Silverstone next weekend

The MotoGP season of 2018 has been a scorcher.

We are looking at Marc Marquez hunting another world title at the Honda factory, but this year's rival and next year's teammate Jorge Lorenzo is in no hurry to make it a breeze.

Despite the fact that the Champion Jorge has done his utmost to find his way on the Du cati in the first half of the season are mojo and is on an accusation.

Of course there are homegrown heroes to cheer in the form of Scott Redding on the struggling Aprilia, Bradley Smith on the underdeveloped KTM and multiple race winner Cal Crutchlow.

   Knees down for a full house at Silverstone

Robert Gray

Knees down for a full house at Silverstone

Cal has made it clear that he is going to shoot at the victory over the satellite Honda. He has the pace, skills and grain needed to get the job done on the day.

We will be there with our flags waving and our fingers crossed in the hope that he can get it over the line first.

You can also be there by using our discount code for tickets.

Just go to the purchase page and use discount code SUNGA20 to get a 20% discount on a ticket for an adult price.

   Multiple race winner Cal Crutchlow is one of our home-grown heroes

Bonnie Lane Photographics

Multiple race winner Cal Crutchlow is one of our home-grown heroes

So make the best use of this offer for Bike World and Sun.

Of course, it could rain and our men may not win.

But when MotoGP comes to the city, it makes no sense to look at the dark side.

It is a must-do performance for race fans and you owe it to yourself.

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