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Ubisoft has announced the eighth line in the series The Settlers, simply called The Settlers, because the use of the reboot naming policy is absolutely necessary and nobody will confuse it. The official trailer is apparently CG, so we do not know how the game will play, but we can see that it will look pretty good at least. It is due in the fall of 2019.

But this is not everything. They have also announced The Settlers: History Collection, a collection of The Settlers 1-7 with some adjustments. It is due to November 15, 2018, while you can already find the History edition of the original Settlers on uPlay from 1993 onwards. The expansion packs for this are not mentioned, and it is known that some expansions for The Settlers IV have never left Germany, and the Vikings expansion for The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary has only ever been released on German, Czech, Polish and Russian speaking markets.

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