Covid News Live: Latest lockdown updates as Boris Johnson announces the Christmas plan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leaving Westminster Abbey after attending a Armistice Day service on 11 November 2020 in London, England. Johnson’s government will announce a strengthened tier system to address the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, the prime minister will give a preview of what the next few weeks will look like, with some restrictions expected on pubs, restaurants, non-essential shops and gyms.

Some aspects of the tier system are expected to introduce stricter rules, but the previous 10pm closing time for pubs and restaurants is expected to be relaxed, while shops and services that remained closed during the lockdown will be allowed to reopen.

Mr. Johnson is also expected to announce plans for mass testing in all three areas, involving rapid tests with military support that are expected to expand under the system.

Furthermore, testing is expected to be introduced for visitors to care homes across the country, so that residents can receive at least two visitors who can be tested twice a week.

For many home care residents, this means that they can spend with loved ones for the first time in a long time.


Analysis: The Oxford Covid vaccine could be the final piece of the puzzle to end the pandemic

The University of Oxford vaccine has been shown to be 70 percent effective, but the results also suggest that patients who first received a half dose followed by a full dose saw its effectiveness increase to 90 percent.

Health correspondent Shaun Lintern is looking at what the new vaccine development entails and whether this could be the last piece of the puzzle to end the threat from Covid-19 and eventually end the coronavirus measures.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 09:29


Hancock: Covid-19 measures must remain in effect ‘until the vaccine can make us safe’

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned Covid-19 controls will remain in effect “until the vaccine can save us.”

“We know that this virus can accelerate very quickly if there are no measures. It is so important that the measures are taken until the vaccine can make us safe,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today program Monday.

“I am very pleased to see in the data that the number of cases in the UK is clearly starting to decline. That’s good news, ”he said.

“Therefore in England, when the lockdown measures come to an end on December 2, we can be confident that they can be replaced with a layered system, but the top layer will have to be heavier than the previous top layer, as it managed to flatten the curve but not to be dropped, ”warned Mr. Hancock.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 08:57 AM


Tory MPs warn Boris Johnson that they can vote against new Covid-19 measures

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been reminded that Conservative MPs could still vote against plans for a new reinforced three-pronged system, despite attempts to appease some with looser coronavirus restrictions.

MP Steve Baker, who heads the 50-member Coronavirus Research Group caucus, said he felt “reassured” by the expected relaxation of restrictions on retail, sports and religious services. However, he suggested that those concessions may not be enough to gain the support of his colleagues.

“This is a major violation of the right to family life. I am watching the European Convention on Human Rights as I speak with you,” Baker said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

As The independentAccording to Jon Stone, an uprising would embarrass the prime minister. However, with the support of Labor, it is unlikely that the new measures will be defeated.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 08:46


PM welcomes ‘incredibly exciting’ vaccine news

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed news of the Oxford vaccine, which appears to be 70 percent effective in trials, as “incredibly exciting news.”

“More security checks are in the pipeline, but these are fantastic results. Well done to our brilliant scientists at @UniofOxford & @AstraZeneca, and to anyone who has volunteered for the trials, ”he said.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 08:33 AM


Oxford vaccine 70% effective

The Covid-19 vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, has been shown to be just over 70 percent effective in a large-scale trial.

The vaccine, which is manufactured in partnership with AstraZeneca, was found to stop 70 percent of people from developing Covid symptoms.

While the development may be seen as welcome news, it will also bring some disappointment, as other vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna have been found to provide 95 percent protection.

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The government is aiming to roll out Covid-19 vaccines before Christmas

Johnson’s government is hoping to start administering a Covid-19 vaccine before Christmas, with the “bulk” of the rollout expected to take place at the start of the new year, health secretary Matt Hancock said Monday.

Speaking with the BBC after AstraZeneca announced that its vaccine could be up to 90 percent effective, Mr Hancock said the government hoped to “start vaccinating next month”.

“Most of the vaccine rollout will take place in January, February, March. And we hope that sometime after Easter things will be able to start to return to normal, ”said Mr Hancock.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 08:18


Good morning and welcome to our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, with the Johnson government announcing the details of a newly strengthened three-tier system as the UK prepares to emerge from lockdown on December 2.

Chantal Da Silva23 November 2020 8:04 AM

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