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DUP councilor who told Rihanna she is losing the seat | Ents & Arts News

A farmer who told Rihanna to change her clothes when she was making a video clip in his corn field has lost his council seat.

Alan Graham from the Democratic Unionist Party Hot under the collar when he went to get his tractor from the set of the shoot in 2011.

The singer, from Barbados, used part of his country in County Down to promote her single We Found Love.

Traffic came to a halt on the outskirts of Bangor as fans flocked for a glimpse of their idol.

The costumes in which Rihanna braved the Ulster autumn included a red bikini that was barely covered with an extra-large cowboy shirt and a red-white striped bikini and loosened jeans.

Graham, who was 61 at the time, said he did not "believe that young ladies should take off their clothes to entertain".

He did not stop filming and said that Rihanna had been "very gracious and respectful" when they talked and that "they were saying goodbye to good terms."

Carry On and EastEnders star Barbara Windsor said she could see his point of view, commenting at the time: "I don't blame him.

"How old is he, does he need it at the time of his life, when he sees Rihanna jerking her off?" He does not do that. "

Graham is known for his conservative views and objected to a proposal to illuminate Bangor Town Hall in the rainbow colors for a Pride event last year.

He has spent several terms as a council member for Ards and North Down Council, but has now lost his seat for Scott Wilson, the alliance party.

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