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Enormous savings on the Nintendo Switch eShop now • Eurogamer.net

There are now a lot of tempting deals in the official Nintendo eShop – including games under a tenner (yes, this is still Nintendo) and up to 50 percent off on popular titles like Do not Starve. Let's take a look at the best digital Nintendo Switch digital deals in the store at the moment, minus the lesser known titles.

First up, bip and bosh your way to glory (and delicious Mexican sides) with wrestling meets platform game Guacamelee! 2, 30 percent off and back to £ 12.59.

Hilarious existential horror title Night in the Woods, which I cannot recommend enough for fans of both narrative and pathos, is only £ 11.86 on Switch as part of the sale.

Similarly (but without dialogue), Dystopian Thriller Inside is 30 percent off and currently £ 12.59.

Murder unfortunate patients with maximum blood (and escaped intestines) in Surgeon Simulator, currently 40 percent off and £ 5.99 currently.

Night in the Woods

For the pixel-inclined, lush RPG Owlboy is only £ 11.39 in the eShop.

There are also many, many deals that run from 89p on more obscure titles such as point and click Goetia, Dragon Pinball and there, Sudoku Relax.

There is a lot of garbage in the under £ 5 mark, but also the strange jewel, such as my sweetheart Bury me, my love for the princely sum of £ 3.14.

Be sure to take a look at the Nintendo eShop and buy cheap digital titles up to and including 23 May. In addition, make sure you have enough Nintendo Switch storage space with an SD card or three in our handy guide.

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