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European elections: Tory MEP issues DESPERATE advocate Brexit party fight | Politics News

Ashley Fox spoke, while polls suggested that the Brexit party, founded by Mr. Farage in January, was voting on May 23. Some activists were afraid that the Tories would even question less than ten percent. And he emphasized his determination to do everything possible to maximize the turnout and ensure a respectable display for the Tories – while explaining that most campaigns would be done through social media. Mr. Fox told Express.co.uk: "These elections are important, not least because, for example, the Liberal Democrats, Change UK and the Greens all want to reverse the result.

"A vote for the conservatives says that you want to honor the result and that you understand that it must be done in the right way and in a democratic way."

Mr Fox disagreed with fellow Member of Parliament Farage in the context of opinion polls suggesting that the Brexit party was in first place as regards voting intentions for the European elections.

He added: "Mr. Farage has no MPs to answer, he just shouts from the sidelines.

"Yes, Britain has voted to leave, but that does not mean leaving immediately."

Regarding the potential threat to Tory's support, Mr. Fox said: "When I look at this poll, these are very fleeting times.

"His party has only been around for a few months, so who knows how his support will last?"

Mr Fox, who supported Remain three years ago, also accused Labor Party MPs of "hypocrisy" by refusing to support Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, despite leader Jeremy Corbyn agreeing to the result of the referendum in 2016.

He added: "I would prefer it if we had already left and that these elections did not have to be fought.

"However, we have to stay a little longer – politics is sometimes a messy undertaking."

He emphasized the brevity of the election campaign and added: "The most effective way to convey our message is through the media, especially social media.

"I expect a poor turnout and in that respect it looks more like local elections.

"I'm sure there will be some door-to-door recruitment, but most recruitment is likely to be done by telephone.

"It's about making the mood really come true."

Mr. Fox emphasized that his recent experiences with door-to-door selling had convinced him that there would in any case be little real hostility at the door.

He said: "Perhaps one in ten people has raised the Brexit issue.

"Most of the people I stand at the door were completely reasonable."

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