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Inquest London Bridge attack: Sara Zelenak & # 39; slipped & # 39; for attack

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Sara Zelenak was stabbed during the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market

An Australian au pair was helped by a passerby after slipping into her high heels when they were both stabbed to death, after hearing the investigation into the London Bridge attack.

Sara Zelenak, 21, was on a night out with a friend when she was picked up on the evening of 3 June 2017 by men armed with 12in (30cm) sheets.

James McMullan, 32, was also the target when he tried to help Zelenak up, a witness said.

The examination is in the second week.

Mrs. Zelenak and Mr. McMullan were killed among eight people when Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba drove a pedestrian van on the London Bridge before they pulled out and stabbed people.

Witness Erick Siguenza told Old Bailey that Mrs. Zelenak had jumped out of the bus before she was stabbed by the driver.

Gareth Patterson QC, who represents the families of the victims, said she was wearing high heels and that the ground & # 39; pretty wet & # 39; was on the night of the attack.

When asked if Mrs. Zelenak had lost her balance, Mr. Siguenza said: "Yes, she was completely on the ground. [Mr McMullan] took her left arm and tried to pick her up carefully.

"But then the attackers were around and then they started to fall."

"There was no time for him to help her because the driver and the other terrorists were already running towards them," he added.

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James McMullan was stabbed to death when he tried to help Zelenak, the investigation heard

Mrs. Zelenak was stabbed in the neck while Mr. McMullan was stabbed in the chest.

The court heard that Zelenak and her friend, Priscila Goncalves, had left the London Grind bar a few minutes before the attack to spend their night out and "have fun."

& # 39; Everyone was running & # 39;

Goncalves told the inquest that they were crossing the bridge when they saw another bar, with red lights and tables outside.

They had started up the stairs in the direction when they heard the van crash.

The friends went up the stairs to see what had happened, but were separated in the chaos as people ran away.

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The court was shown a CCTV by Zelenak before she was killed

"I had no idea what was going on," Goncalves said.

"We were together, people said & # 39; Run & # 39 ;, I started running, I thought she was with me and then I looked, she wasn't, everyone ran, & she added."

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CCTV in court showed Mrs. Goncalves among a crowd of people walking away.

Siguenza filmed people fleeing when Mrs. Zelenak and McMullan were attacked.

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James McMullan's parents, Simon and Mila McMullan, attended the investigation

Siguenza described how the three attackers reached the area outside the bar under the bridge, where people threw glasses and a chair.

The attackers realized that they were in the minority and fled, he said.

They continued their attack elsewhere. Eight people were killed and 48 injured. The attackers were later shot by armed police.

Grinding proof

BBC reporter Katie Wright, on the inquest

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Julie and Mark Wallace, the mother and stepfather of Zelenak, also participated in the study

Zelenak's mother and stepfather, Julie and Mark Wallace, looked at the details of her death from the courtroom.

Their expressions persisted during a morning of debilitating evidence.

Goncalves went to the gallery and revealed how a fun-filled night suddenly turned into complete chaos – and how she and her boyfriend got divorced when everyone started running.

She talked through her increasingly desperate attempts to contact her boyfriend in the coming hours and days until she found out that Mrs. Zelenak had died.

The court was given countless photo corners of the area where Zelenak was killed – just along the road from which the attacker's bus had crashed.

The court also heard about the efforts of the first local police officer to rescue her.

PC Clint Wallis helped resuscitate her for about 10 minutes after she found her on the floor – but knew it was probably in vain.

PC Richard Norton told the court that he had asked the public to try to mark paramedics while he and PC Clint Wallis performed CPR on Mrs. Zelenak.

PC Norton said he was trained to treat minor injuries, but paramedics had more equipment and were better trained to handle the kind of injuries that Zelenak had suffered.

He said he heard later that doctors were being stopped until the scene was made safe.

The judicial investigation heard that there were three paramedics around 22:24 BST, about 15 minutes after the attack started.

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The victims of the attack clockwise – Chrissy Archibald, Sebastien Belanger, Kirsty Boden, Ignacio Echeverria, Sara Zelenak, Xavier Thomas, Alexandre Pigeard, James McMullan

Last week Zelenak's mother told her that her daughter was "the happiest she had ever been" in the run-up to the attack.

And Mr. McMullan celebrated the celebration of financial support for his online education company the night he was killed.

The investigations are continuing.

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