New year party people mocked because they wear the same gray pants and black tops outside the nightclub

These fashion-conscious party-goers were mocked online because they dressed in the same outfit for a New Year's party.

At least half a dozen young men stood in line to go to the chemistry bar in the center of Nottingham, all with gray jeans and black tops – several without socks.

This photo is made by Twitter user @TomPressPhotog at 9 o'clock on Monday night.

He prodded the male like-minded taste into fashion and added the caption: "It must have been a sale on tops and pants at the top man."

He wrote: "More of the same, it's like an attack on the tangled clones."

Topman's Purchasing Director, Rachel Morgans, says that gray jeans are part of the latest fashion for denim from the 90s.

The photo was taken outside the chemistry nightclub in Nottingham

She said: "Classic gray laundry jeans are back in several passages [wash] gives these designs an authentic, vintage feeling. "

To be part of the in-crowd, gray denim can be purchased for a cut in the annual sales.

Millions of Britons have enjoyed the festivities in pubs and clubs across the country last night when they called in 2019.

London was the scene of spectacular anti-Brexit fireworks that turned the London Eye into a giant EU flag.

The picture was taken last night at 21:00

In Cardiff one saw a man being driven into a buggy by his friend, while two women in pink fluffy rabbit ears shouted in the night sky.

One man was seen with a head injury that was connected by ambulance teams. One woman was fought by two men who swapped battles.

The mild temperatures saw a lot of clothing to impress, but as the night progressed, the shoes came off and the British dancing queens enjoyed a well-deserved rest.

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