The Manchester anti-terror police asks the man to stab UK news

The counter-terrorism police continued to question a Somali man after three people, including a British police of the Transport Police (BTP), were put into a "crazy attack" during New Year's Eve celebrations.

The police said the 25-year-old man, who lived in the UK for about a decade, remained in custody and refused to cooperate.

On Tuesday, the morning after the attack, armed officers raided a home in the Cheetham Hill area of ​​the city where the attacker lived with his parents and brothers and sisters. The man's brother is believed to work as a guard at Manchester Airport.

Neighbors were told by officers to go home as they descended into the man's house, one kilometer north of the city center.

On Tuesday afternoon there were tactical emergency stations outside the building with a policeman guarding the door.


Neighbor Alim Obeadlugh said he was walking near the property when he saw armed officers. He said, "They just told me I had to go back in. They did not even give me the chance to ask what it's about they just said," I go in. "I thought that it should be a serious problem and I asked them what was going on and they said it was a terrorist incident. & # 39;

Nousha Babaakachel said that the family of the man came to live in the Netherlands in the Netherlands about 12 years ago.

A man was seen leaving the building shortly after the police raid, with his face covered with a black cloth and a hat covering his head. Neighbors said the blue VW Jetta in which he was driving belonged to the brother who worked at Manchester Airport.

The incident, classified as critical, was investigated by police agents of counterterrorism after the perpetrator reportedly shouted Islamic slogans at the Victoria station in the city just before 9 PM.

Images of the aftermath of the attack showed a man who was being held by five policemen, with blood stains on the sidewalk. Another video showed the suspect who screamed "Allahu Akbar" when he was in a police bus at the back. He was also heard shouting "long live the caliphate".

Russ Jackson, an assistant chief of police at Greater Manchester (GMP), described the attack on the officer and a couple in the fifties as insane and arbitrary in nature. It took place near the stage of the bombing of the Manchester Arena in 2017.

Jackson said that there was nothing to indicate that others were involved and that officers had an open mind and taking the mental health of the attacker into account.

On Tuesday morning, forensic officers were dragged through the station and the police investigated images of CCTV. Security officials in the government, the police and the intelligence services helped the investigation.

The BTP officer was stabbed in the shoulder, while the man and the woman both suffered from abdominal lesions and the woman also got wounds on her forehead.

Jackson said that the couple, who were in town to celebrate the New Year, could stay in hospital for a while after they had significant injuries during the attack & # 39; had contracted. The officer, a sergeant in his thirties, was fired.

At a press conference, GMP Chief of Police, Ian Hopkins, said: "Last night we experienced a gruesome attack on people just enjoying the New Year celebrations in Manchester, my thoughts go out to the couple who are still being treated in the hospital for their serious injuries and with the brave British transport police officer stabbed during the attack.

"I know that the events last night have affected many people and caused worries, and the fact that the incident took place so close to the terrorist attack on 22 May 2017 makes it even worse."

Hopkins confirmed that the incident was being treated as a terrorist investigation and that officers had worked all night to summarize the details of what was happening.

While Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to the emergency services, the police said the incident was one of the many "serious crime incidents" in the city, with 15 arrests and a total of 120 incidents since 19:00 on Monday. They said in a tweet just after 6 am on Tuesday that officers "did a great job of taking care of the people in the city".

GMP said that a large presence of the police would stay in place at the station, but this was "not as a result of an increased threat." Follow the instructions of the officers on the ground and address them if you are worried. "

The Northwest ambulance service said it sent three vehicles to the incident and took all three victims to the hospital for treatment. While the station was closed after the attack, the fireworks of the city in Albert Square continued under increased security.

There have been no major terrorist attacks in the UK in the past year, but MI5 and the police say they are dealing with 700 investigations into suspected terrorism. In 2017, there were five terrorist attacks – four in London and one in Manchester.

The level of terrorism threat for the UK remains serious, which means that an attack is considered very likely.

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