Weather in the UK: warning for back-and-work travel chaos after ice alarm in the midst of freezing fog

Reischaos can emerge for commuters who will return to work tomorrow, because there is an ice alarm on Wednesday morning.

Freezing fog and frost will cause misery for motorists who return to work after the festive break.

With office predictors, drivers warn that they should be "prepared" while we go through January with predicted conditions to become "really cold, very fast".

Icy temperatures will continue tonight as high pressure and light winds blow the British clouds away.

The arctic explosion will strike tonight with the thermometer that is below zero in the west of England.

Freeze mist can provide motorists returning to Wedneday after the Christmas holidays

But by Friday the mercury will reach -6C in some areas.

With Office meteorologist and spokesman Sarah Kent, Sun Online said: "It's all going to change in the new year.

"The coldest area will be west of England with -3C temperatures in some parts of Wales and further north in Carlisle, where the first severe frost occurs for a while.

"By the morning, the widespread frost will be accompanied by ice fog, resulting in ice on car & # 39; s.

"Motorists must be alert and prepare themselves for this with de-icer spray."

Motorists have been told to be alert

The Met Office said that it will be frosty at night, sunny but the coolest for tomorrow & # 39 ;.

"Cloud and irregular light rain, which disappears from the south at night, leaving a clear sky and only a few showers along the North Sea coasts.

"With light wind for many, it will be icy inland in the morning, with ice-mists."

Wednesday is "cold and dry for most with sunny periods, although some icy fogs might fade away, and isolated light showers may affect some eastern coastal areas of England."

Temperatures will reach -6C in some parts of the UK by the end of the week

Areas that feel the full -6C chill include the Severn Estuary and Somerset, with the Avon Valley and South Wales also affected.

Scotland will be warmer by the end of the week than parts of England with sufficient clouds in place.

Experts monitor the drop in temperature as we continue in January to check if the United Kingdom can be hit by another beast from the east.

Speaking of the chances of a second big shudder, Met Office spokesperson Simon Partridge said that a similar forecast of three months at the beginning of last year was even harder than expected.

He said: "Last year there was widespread snow everywhere in the UK and temperatures were far below

There are fears that the United Kingdom can be hit by a second Eastern Beast

"There is a greater chance of seeing colder periods, and therefore there is a slightly higher risk of snow in the UK.

"It is far too early to say any detail, it may be that parts of Scotland that usually get snow get more, otherwise you see the snow becoming wider.", The Sun reports.

Simon added that drivers who have to go back to work tomorrow morning must be prepared to scrape their car.

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