& # 39; The world's largest mining company cut profits by 37% The terminal

& # 39; The world's largest mining company cut profits by 37%

The world's largest mining company, the Australian BHP Billiton Ltd, received a net profit attributable to shareholders of $ 3.7 billion, which is 37% less than a year ago, after the results of fiscal year 2017-2018, which ended on 30 June.

This is proven by the company's financial statements, the agency wrote "Prime".

Diluted earnings per ordinary share were $ 0.69 compared to $ 1.1 for the last year. Revenue increased by 20% at the same time to $ 45,809 billion. Capital expenditures and exploration costs increased by 29% to $ 6,753 billion.

Net debt of the company in the last fiscal year was 10,934 billion US dollars, a decrease of 33% compared with the end of 2016-2017 fingoda.

"We started the new year with US $ 10.8 billion shale oil and gas sales in the US, and once the deal is closed, we plan to distribute its net income to shareholders." words from Andrew Mackenzie, CEO of BHP Billiton,.

At the end of July, BHP Billiton reached an agreement with British BP and Merit Energy Company about the sale of its shale oil and gas assets in the US for $ 10.8 billion. The company expects the deal to be closed before the end of October 2018 after approval by the regulators.

BHP Billiton Ltd – one of the world leaders in the mining industry, was founded in 2001. The company produces bauxite, coal, copper, manganese, iron ore, uranium, nickel, diamonds, silver and titanium-containing minerals. It also produces oil and natural gas.

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