Amazing Cadillac Eldorado shot down on the road in Voronezh

  In Voronezh the paparazzi were photographed by the legendary Cadillac Eldorado

The incredibly beautiful American cadillac Eldorado was shot on the road in Voronezh, informative and news publication Notepad Voronezh informs. A beautiful vehicle that was parked on one of the streets caused enthusiasm among the population. The photo shows, certainly, a car of the 7-8 generation.

Apparently the car is quite old, but despite its age it has remained in perfect condition. In Voronezh, a car of 7 or 8 generation was printed.

The cabriolet is equipped with a 8.2-liter petrol "eight" with a capacity of 500 "horses."

The model was manufactured by the manufacturer from 1953 to 2002, there were ten generations. The eighth generation of the Eldorado cadillac has become history as a stereotype of the "pimpmobile." The vehicle was good in demand within the American automotive market. This is the American term for huge luxury cars, mostly Lincolns or Cadillacs from the 70s, and redone in a very artfully extravagant style.

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