As the most popular car in Russia called "mechanics". Reedus

The list of the best-selling Russian cars in Russia with manual transmission was led by the domestic manufacturer Lada.

During the first six months of 2018, the Togliatti group managed to sell 154,000 cars with manual transmission, which is almost a quarter more than in the same period of the past year, reports RIA FAN with reference to the data from the analysis agency "Autostat".

The remaining places in the top three of Renault and Kia lagged significantly behind their Russian rival.

As a result, the second position went with the result of 52,000 cars sold to the French manufacturer, who was the third Koreans to succeed in selling 24 thousand cars with manual transmissions.

Closed the top five best companies Hyundai and Volkswagen, sold for respectively six months 21 and 16 thousand cars.

It is remarkable that the top ten was still a Russian automaker – UAZ. With the result of 9 thousand cars he settled in ninth place.

In total, of all new cars sold in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the year, the share of cars equipped with "mechanics" was 44.5%, according to the Izvestia- newspaper.

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