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Bitcoin ABC will release a controversial customer for Bitcoin Cash, where neither NCA nor CoinGeek will cross it, CCN writes.

Bitcoin ABC specialists develop a client for Bitcoin Cash and plan to update their block system in November, despite the fact that other development teams and a large mining pool remain incompatible with the new client software.

Activating version 0.18.0 of the software to run the entire Bitcoin Cash node is then executed Bitcoin Cash, scheduled for November.

The changes affect the "canonical order of transactions" and two new control codes: OP_CHECKDATASIG and OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY. Experts believe that the updated functions will make Bitcoin Cash scalable and more efficient, especially when implementing the Bitcoin Cash protocol framework for smart contracts.

Update offers were negatively accepted by some members of the BCH crypto community, for example by nChain, CoinGeek, BCH Mining.

Now about 70% of all BCH node operators use the Bitcoin ABC client. How many of them will switch to another client is not yet known, but some BCH application developers are worried about having to use different nodes and sometimes stop payments manually because incompatible nodes are likely to be in conflict.

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