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Contactless technology continues to spread as the most popular way of making non-cash payments in the history of Europe – now almost every second payment card has no contact.

This is shown by the data from the Mastercard survey.

The new Mastercard study confirms an unconditional increase in the frequency of contactless use in Europe – the number of such transactions rose by 97% during the year. In more than 15 European countries, including Denmark, Greece, Hungary and Poland, the share of contactless payments in physical stores is more than 50%.

One of the main directions that promote the popularization of non-contact technology across Europe is transport systems, because here the greatest need is for quick and safe calculations. The number of contactless payments in public transport is growing steadily and technology is playing an increasingly important role in daily life.

Note that Ukraine is not lagging behind in this issue – only in the Kiev Metro, where the technology was introduced in 2015, more than 35 million trips were paid by contactless bank cards. More than 100 thousand transactions are executed every day in this way.

The data also show that European countries are significantly changing the payment behavior of consumers in order to increase the use of non-contact technology. In Poland, for example, the share of non-contact transactions for the year was more than 80%.

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