Experts mentioned the upcoming novelties of the Paris Motor Show

Professionals told about the most anticipated novelties of the car show in the capital of France. By mid-autumn there will be an event – aimed at the European countries market (partly and in Russian). Specialists mention the most important novelties that are shown during the event. So everyone can see the BMW X5 crossover live. And despite the fact that the model has already been unveiled and several reviews have been made – the first debut will not take place until next month. The basis of the model was the CLAR platform.

Car enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Paris Motor Show, which traditionally introduces the most promising innovations in the global automotive industry. It is assumed that the crossover will be a couple of gabaritney and space in the cabin, but will throw a few tens of kg.

In the second place is the concept car Skoda Vision RS. recognized Czech companies have previously announced that the prototype is a prototype of the future compact car. This concept car is a prototype of the car-compact class, which apparently belonged to the Rapid generation. Next comes the Japanese station wagon Toyota Corolla Touring, whose appearance in the French capital will be the first public performance. Previously this car was the object of one of the closed shows. It is assumed that the car will lend a row of engines and a platform for the Corolla in the hatchback body.

The fourth place went to Kia ProCeed in the new body Shooting Brake, which replaced the three-door version of the hatchback Ceed. The model called ProCeed is designed to combine the style, usability and driving characteristics that will appeal to fans of active driving.

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