Ford discovered the reasons for the popularity of compact crossovers in the Russian Federation

The poll was attracted by the owners of the Ford Ecosport car model.

As US business professionals have learned, the majority of Russia's citizens prefer cars of class B-SUV because of their universality.

For young people, a compact crossover is not a very expensive car, which belongs to the well-known segment of cars on the market.

Every fifth driver is of the opinion that small crossovers are no less affordable for a price than average. According to studies, this compact cross is popular with different age categories. To this question, 30% of respondents answered that the attractiveness of compact crossovers lies in their versatility. 20% stressed that although these are crossovers, they are still more affordable than medium-sized crossovers. Producers of the manufacturer emphasized that the main reason for the increase in demand for a compact model is the desire to find an alternative to a large family jeep, as well as a universal entry-level model car. 14% buy such models for a high landing, which provides an excellent overview.

However, as it turned out, most customers, namely 33%, simply pay homage to fashion.

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