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After the acquisition of Nervana, Mobileye and Movidius, the company announced the entry of the development team This start makes deep training models for all platforms.

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All seven specialists will join Intel's Intel development team and will work on updating their PlaidML engine, allowing developers to deploy AI models on Linux, MacOC and Windows devices with compiler support for nGraph machine learning systems.

"Nowadays CPU and graphics cards powerful enough and effective to work with many intelligent applications … But this is the good news that is coming to an end, "wrote Ein in 2016. – The absence of portable, developer-friendly tools prevents most organizations from using the power of to achieve thorough training for their business … A year ago, we found a way to solve all compatibility and portability problems simultaneously for all platforms using a new software approach. not easy for perception – but it's worth it. "

For Intel, this acquisition is a new step towards conquering the artificial intelligence market, which is estimated at $ 200 billion and which the company's vice president, Navin Shenoi, considers "the biggest opportunity in the last 50 years. . "

"We now have 20% of this market," he said at this year's Data Centric Innovation Summit. "Our strategy is to bring a new era in data center technologies."

The fact that the data is central to Intel's strategy, said more recently the former head of the company Bryan Krzanich. The AI ​​technology means processing huge amounts of data and it is Intel's job to offer solutions for this.

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