Mitsubishi Xpander minibus can arrive on the Russian market next year

Minibus from Japan Mitsubishi Xpander can appear in our country in 2016. Russian employees of the company are planning to introduce the model in 2016. Then he worked until the current appointment in Indonesia.

Most recently at a press conference regarding his entry into the new post, he noted that the car in Russia has great potential.

The final decision on delivery of the model to our country will be taken very soon by the management of the Japanese company.

Today Mitsubishi Xpander, a big demand in Asia, is assembled in the Mitsubishi plant in Bekas, Indonesia.

According to him, he sees great potential for the Mitsubishi brand in this model and will bring this model to Russia, but he has to consult his boss.

The car belongs to the class B +, in the podcapotnom room engineers have the unit regulated with a volume of 1.5 liters with a capacity of 102 hp In combination with the engine works a 4-stage hydromechanical automatic transmission or 5-speed "mechanics". Such cars belong to the class B +, and they were based on a small stretched platform. Otherwise, the triumph will depend on the price, since the three rows of delivery vans on our market are sufficient.

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