More than 4 thousand cars & # 39; s Tesla Model 3 from the party of 5,000 cars turned out to be defective,

This is reported by Business Insider with reference to the manufacturer's documents.

So according to the publication, the company had to finish 4.3 thousand electric cars (this is more than 83%) because they were defective.

At the same time, on average, the "first pass yield" indicator (FPY – First Pass Yield, which represents the percentage of eligible products), the share of cars from the lot that does not need improvement, 80 %.

On average, it took about 37 minutes for each Tesla Model 3 to be refined.

In Tesla, the FPY was not disclosed, but it was noted that it contains minor shortcomings that are quickly eliminated.

"We check every car before it is released to the smallest detail, and as a result every electric car goes through several stages of very thorough testing before it enters the market," Tesla spokesman said in a commentary on the publication.

He explained that the company could recently cut labor costs for the production of one electric car – on average a third.

  • At the beginning of August, the electric car manufacturer Tesla reported a record loss in the history of the company.
  • In the company Tesla decided to abandon the behavior of one of the tests for the safety of electric cars to accelerate production.
  • On 13 June, it became known that the Tesla company would fire several thousand employees – a total of about 9% of the workforce. As the executive director of the company Ilon Mask emphasized earlier, the reduction is caused by the desire to simplify the management structure of the company.

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