Mossbirzh excludes the indices of MegaFon shares

Today, European exchanges have also played a positive role since the start of the auction in negotiations on a new trade agreement between Mexico and the United States.

At 10:04 am Moscow the Mosbirzhi index grew by 0.14% compared to the closing level of the previous trading session and amounted to at least 2,319.45 points. Plus, and Europe (DAX, CAC 40 added 0.7-0.8%, London did not work). The Mosbirzhi index rose by 0.14% to 2316.28 points, RTS fell 0.54% to 1078.28 points, according to the auction.

"Next week the Mossbirge index can swing to the level of 2380 points, the historical maximum." The leaders of growth are the shares of Aeroflot, Lukoil and Russneft, the leaders of the fall are the shares of MegaFon and Safmar.

Rub. In the evenings, it continues to fall against the dollar and the euro, while it is more important for the European currency.

The dollar to the ruble on the Moscow stock exchange from 18:55 Moscow time rose by 0.28% – to 67.71 rubles, the rate of the euro – by 0.62%, to 79.36 rubles. In the following transactions, the public currency will fluctuate in the spectrum of 67.3-68.45 rubles, euros – in the corridor 78.8-80.22 rubles.

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