Motor Cheri Tiggo 3 guarantees a resource of 1,000,000 km

After purchasing a budget crossover Tiggo 3 it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty – 1 million kilometers of motorized traffic. Skeptics are not sure of the success of such an action.

"The warranty period for the car remains the past – 5 years or 150,000 km", – noted the head of JSC "CHERI AUTOMOTIVE RUS" Gennady Pavlov.

Experienced car owners remember the millions of engines from the previous one.

Cherie Tiggo 3 is equipped with an atmospheric "four" working volume of 1.6 liters and a power of 126 hp. It works in combination with a 5-speed mechanism or variator. It is equipped with a four-cylinder ACTECO SQRE4G16 engine with a power of 126 hp.

The conditions of the action are that in case the driver complies with the instructions in the car's warranty and maintenance manual, the engine source can reach one million kilometers. That is why the question or many owners Tiggo 3 will be able to maintain the guarantee for the conditional 200 or 300,000 kilometers and will remain open.

"We want to increase the satisfaction of our customers, so we advise them to put extra trust in the problem-free operation of the engine to 1,000,000 km run," said the boss of "Chery Cars Rus" Gennady Pavlov.

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