Reebok has released eco-sneakers with a cornsole

American manufacturer of sports goods Reebok has released the first series of sneakers made from environmentally friendly materials. The NPC UK Cotton + Corn outsole is made from recycled corn to replace synthetic rubber. This is reported by Cosmopolitan.

The top of the shoe is made of 100% cotton and the insole is made with the addition of castor oil. Sneakers are thus made for 75% of biomaterials. Shoes are made without dyes, so it has a beige color.

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Cost environmentally friendly sneakers $ 95. You can order the model on the Reebok website. The company was assured that the buyer would not feel the difference between the new pair and the regular brand shoes. The model was created to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the ecology of the planet.

Let's recall that company Lego has announced plans to make the bulk of its production, including packaging, from environmentally safe or processed materials by 2030. Within the framework of this company, the manufacturer has produced a designer "Plant Plants" made on basis of polyethylene from sugar cane.

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