Scania will launch an environmentally friendly range of tractors

The organizer of the unusual "competition" for the ecology of tractors was the German magazines VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker, according to which also the "Truck of the Year" and "Van of the Year" were chosen. As a result, the car manufacturer wants to assemble a series of "green" tractors.

The competition includes 40-ton car trains, which are tested on the general routes between Munich and Nuremberg. The most important criteria are the TS's economy and also the level of harmful emissions per kilometer.

In 2015, the Scania tractor is once again recognized as the "greenest truck" due to a consumption of 24.92 liters at a speed of 79.91 km / h and an additional 761 grams of harmful emissions per kilometer. The level of harmful emissions was about 761 g / km.

The new vans from Scania will differ in their own ecological compatibility. This allowed the car to get the title "the greenest truck".

It is clear that the ecological special series of the tractor gets a green color, and in the cabin of all cars, a Green Truck Award 2018 will be put on the market. They will be delivered with engines for 450 or 500 hp. A new competition will be held in the spring of 2019, but until then Scania has already released these cars.

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