Sedan Lexus GS left the Russian car market

Sedan Lexus GS left the Russian market

Dealers have officially announced the termination of the sale of the authorized Lexus GS on the territory of the Russian Federation. The delivery of the model to the country was completed two years ago because of the low demand.

Therefore, the manufacturer decided to complete the official deliveries of the Russian Federation after 5 years.

It was two years ago in the car dealership that they only wanted to leave the maximum leaked Lexus GS F sedan with a super powerful V8 power plant with a working volume of 5 liters, capable of generating 477 hp. Sedan offered in Russia for a price of 6,445,000 rubles. Recently, Lexus GS F finally disappeared from the range of the domestic model of the brand. But this car from the summer of 2018 disappeared from the list of dealers.

It is noted that the fourth generation Lexus GS sedan appeared on the Russian market immediately after the release in the early winter of 2011. Soon this car will change something completely new.

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