The Audi company will release 12 to 100% electric models by 2025

The premium premium brand from Audi in 2025 will show 12 of its own "green" models that will appear on the market of the main vehicles.

The company Audi will release 12 electric vehicles for the global automotive market.

The electric line of the manufacturer will include Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback crossovers, these will be presented next year. Another joint development of Audi and Porsche will be the PPE architecture, on which a large number of Audi electric cars will be built.

The PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform was created especially for new products. One of the platforms will lend a large number of Audi car's components.

With all this, because the new products should use 4 types of platforms. In this case, the first-born is the Audi hatchback e-tron GT, which will soon be presented as a concept in Los Angeles. Porsh professionals take part in this machine.

In addition, together with the engineers of the brand, another platform is being developed, called Premium Platform Electric. Thanks to the use of Audi's e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback components of the Audi platform with a longitudinal arrangement of the engine and new technologies in the field of drive systems, it offers the possibility of a new family electric jeepquattro's with four-wheel drive.

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