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An unusual story with the theft of an electric vehicle Tesla took place in America. In the city of Bloomington (Minnesota), TrevIs, a company specializing in the rental of Tesla, was hijacked by the Model 3 sedan, reported

The car disappeared without a trace, because the GPS trigger did not send signals about the location – the criminal knew the device of the anti-theft system Tesla. The car was stolen by hacking a mobile application and the GPS tracker was disconnected shortly after the traffic was started.

The hairdresser, however, lacked a simple detail – electric vehicles that Tesla can charge only at special stations of the company's Supercharger network, all information about its use is automatically uploaded to the online billing system. And the stolen electric car left a "mark" on his route. Information about the movements of Trevis was passed on to the police of Bloomington, who in turn contacted the police departments along the proposed route. The car was found two days after the theft – in the city of Waco (Texas). The distance between the two cities is 1698 km.

The driver was a 21-year-old man who previously rented electric cars from TrevIs several times. For the theft of an electric vehicle, he tied the Tesla application in some way to his telephone number and authenticated it as a remote key of a certain copy.

As writes, since 2011, a total of 115 Tesla electric vehicles have been stolen in the United States, 112 of which have been returned to the owners.

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