The Russian stock market ended trading in the growth of indices by 1.5-1.9%

According to the US Department of Energy for the week ending August 24, hydrocarbon reserves dropped by 2.6 million barrels. The Brent crude oil futures for delivery in the fall of 2018 on the ICE Exchange in the capital of England fell by 0.31% – to $ 77.78 a barrel.

Today, European exchange at the beginning of the trade also positively recovered in the negotiations on a new trade agreement between Mexico and the United States. In addition, site growth is fueled by speculation about Canada's likely entry into these trade agreements. As a result, the French CAC 40 increased by 0.3%, the German DAX – by 0.27% the British FTSE fell by 0.71%. America, however, stabilized (the S & P 500 index was stable). The effects disappear from the index calculation bases exchange, RTS, MICEX and subindex of shares indexes of pension savings.

The Russian stock market opened multidirectionally, according to data from the Moscow Stock Exchange. As a result, the RTS index increased by 0.62% – to 1,085.01 points, the Mosbirzhi index – by 1.39% – to 2348.44 points. The largest growth was demonstrated by the "Chemical production" sector (+ 1.91%). Papers from Moscow exchange sank in the price of 1.73%. Share of of shares Megafon in free traffic declined after a buy-out of up to 2.0 percent, according to the statement exchange.

today shares Rosneft (+ 1.03%), Lukoil (+ 1.11%) and Novatek (+ 4.2%) updated their historic highs, Gazprom shares (+ 1.57%) rose to their peak from July this year . Oil at the end of the working week has been adjusted slightly downwards, but ends in August with steady growth, because the risks associated with Iran continue to hinder the market.

Rub. In the evening, moderately reduced against dollar and euros.

class dollar to the ruble in Moscow scholarship as of 19:40 Moscow time it grew by 0.42%, to 68.22 rubles, the rate euros decreased by 0.1% to 79.5 rubles. The dollar / ruble pair has the potential to cut back to 67 rubles unless US Congressmen remind the Russian Federation of penalty risk next week.

The Russian stock market felt a delicate balance
The Russian stock exchange was opened in a multidirectional way

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