The Toyota company will stop selling Toyota Verso compact in European countries

Note that compared with 2017, the sale of Toyota Verso in the British car market fell by 46%. The condition for this situation experts call the decline in demand for the model. Now, according to reliable information at the time of the publication Autocar, representatives during the first seven months of this year on the UK market could implement only 852 of those cars.

Europe was once the most relevant market for Toyota Verso.

The Japanese company Toyota will sell the compact car Verso in the EU.

From the shortcomings of the model, professionals note that regular engines are installed, despite the fact that rivals usually use hybrid engines.

Conditions for a critical decline in the popularity of the Toyot Verso in European countries there can be two. Then the "single receiver" received a number of current security systems for today and a renewed design.

The management of the Japanese company Toyota is counting on the minibuses Verso, which is still in stock at European dealers, is being implemented until the end of this year.

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