Volkswagen recommends that all organizations set up an independent braking system

The company VW advised all car manufacturers to install its own independent brake system called AEB on its own car models.

This electronic complex consists of a large number of indicators that regularly scan the surrounding area and in the event of an imminent collision automatically stop the car, regardless of the actions of the driver. Activation takes place in the event that the sensors of the vehicle signal a threatening collision. It should be noted that AEB is the most effective at low speeds (eg in urban conditions). Not so long ago experts from Thatcham Research called the AEB "probably the most important" breakthrough in the field of transport safety since the establishment of the safety belt.

VW professionals claim that the use of AEB on cars in the UK can prevent up to 2,500 accidents every year.

(c) "We are proud to be leading in the application of AEB – this technology is installed in all our commercial models."

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