what is this crypto currency, where to buy or sell?

Bitcoin Cash: what is this crypto-currency, where to buy or sell?

At the end of the summer of last year, a new crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash appeared on the market. Crypt from developers corrected the biggest drawback of the original Bitcoin: too slow processing of transactions.

Why Bitcoin was divided

up to two currencies by creating Bitcoin Cash

Where in Kiev to buy Bitcoin Cash

Date of birth Bitcoin Cash – 1 August 2017. Since then, the original BTC has been distributed, now the miners create different block chains. The main reason for the separation of Bitcoin is the desire to increase the capacity of the blocks. Due to the growing popularity of BTC, the number of transactions with crypto-currency increased considerably, due to the too low processing speed that became too big a problem.

Thanks to the separation, this problem has been corrected. The block size of the new crypto-currency has increased considerably. And if the specialists were skeptical about the crypt in the first days after the creation of Bitcoin Cash, then the speed of the new digital currency quickly increased by 1.5 times, and took third place in the list of leading crypto-currency & # 39; s in terms of headlet level (the second was only the original Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Today you can buy or sell a new version of Bitcoin. To execute a transaction for the purchase or sale of Bitcoin Cash, go to the website https://cashout.biz/bitcoin-cash/ and complete the application via a special form. The service provides information about the process of each transaction.

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash:

  • carry out more transactions in less time;
  • reduction of commissions;
  • save all transactions.

Interest in the new digital currency is growing along with its course. If you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash, contact a reliable service that offers transparent and profitable conditions.

The most important phases of the purchase

and selling Bitcoin Cash through the service

To purchase a crypto-currency, you must go to the site and complete an application. In the application it is necessary to indicate the amount of digital currency you want to receive and your contact details. Very soon a specialist will contact you to discuss the details.

There are two ways to complete the portfolio:

  1. Cash payment in the company's office.
  2. Bank transfer (on the card).

The site offers an online calculator, with which you can calculate the costs of buying or selling a digital currency at any time. Please note that the final approval of the course takes place on the day of the transaction because it is constantly changing.

If the transaction amount is more than $ 1000, the courier can go to you to make payments, just specify the address and time in which it is convenient to meet the service representative.

Again we note that transactions related to the purchase and sale of crypto-currency can only be carried out with reliable companies with a corresponding reputation.


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