While sleeping while driving: a new generation car is presented without a rudder and pedals (video)

The Volvo 360c concept car is equipped with unmanned control systems, so it has no steering wheel and pedals.

Concept car: car without rudder and pedals

Volvo Company at the special event at the headquarters in Gothenburg (Sweden) introduced the concept car 360s.

The car is equipped with systems of unmanned operation, so deprived of the usual controls – steering and pedals.

It is indicated that this decision has allowed the designers and designers of the Swedish brand to completely abandon the traditional layout of the cabin, with passengers in succession in different rows.

According to the makers' idea, passengers can do what they want during trips to future drones: the interior of the cabin can be adapted to current needs.

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Now four variants of internal equipment are assumed: the 360's salon can be used as a bedroom, mobile office on wheels, a living room or a place for entertainment.

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