Actor Stefan Karl, who played the villain in the series "Lentyaevo", died of pancreatic cancer

Actor Carl Stefansson, who played the villain in the series Lentyaevo, died of pancreatic cancer

Above all, the actor became famous for his role in the children's show Lentyaevo. Photo: frame of the show.

The show was closed for a long time, but the popularity of the character Stefan was actively supported in social networks by making memes

The Icelandic actor Stefan Karl Stefansson died in 43 years of pancreatic cancer. The actor fought for two years, the BBC reported.

The death of the actor was confirmed by a representative of his family. According to him, the artist died in an environment of family members and friends.

For the first time, cancer was diagnosed in Stephansson in 2016, but the tumor was surgically removed. The disease returned in March. In June of this year, the actor's wife reported that the disease is unfolding in the final phase.

Stefan has 4 children. The actor has failed to destroy his ashes across the sea.

The actor often shared his progress in treatment in social networks.

"Time is the most valuable thing in life because it never returns," wrote Stefan.

The actor started his career in theater and cinema, but the most popular was the role of Robbie Zlobnoy in the children's program Lentyaevo. The show was released in Iceland in 2008-2009 and 2013-2014 and translated into dozens of languages ​​and broadcast in more than 180 countries around the world.

The popularity of the character Stefan continued on the internet, where his expressive facial expressions are often used in memes.


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