"Alla is very worried": Pugacheva will return to the podium

Pugacheva records new songs / youtube.com Screenshot Video

The Soviet legend, Alla Pugacheva, plans to return to the big stage after a break of almost ten years and present a new video to the public.

"Alla is very concerned that she has not been filmed for a long time," said Alisher's stylist, who helped her work on the video, at the Dni.ru portal.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the actress plans concerts at home and abroad. Pugacheva gives 20 solo concerts, which are held in Russia, Israel, Germany and the United States. As part of the resumption of concert activities, the singer even turned to the famous poet Ilya Reznik for a new hit.

"I think Pugacheva will return to the stage, she's good! It's all about the new repertoire and our songs are eternal, they've been around for 30-40 years," Resnik said.

Official information about the concerts has not yet appeared in the media, but the stylist has already said that he is preparing the image of the Prima Donna for the jubilee, which will take place in April 2019.

"We do costumes for Alla Borisovna all the time, but we have not reached the solo album yet – while recording the songs," Alisher said.

Recall, the famous Russian humorist, TV presenter and actor, Alla Pugacheva & # 39; s husband, Maxim Galkin, shared a family photo with subscribers.

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