Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru did not say goodbye to Nikolai Zinoviev

August 20, 2018, 12:55

On Sunday, August 19, in Moscow, took leave of the famous songwriter Nikolai Zinoviev, who died two days earlier. Among those who said goodbye to him were not Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru, for whom Nikolai Nikolayevich wrote their hits.

This fact did not escape the attention of the artist Alexander Mikhailov, who criticized Pugachev and Rotar. "I will not judge them – they are their problems, but he gave them their souls, opened their souls for them, I do not know why this happens, and in principle he ended quite dramatically, like great poets, they almost all leave tragically , "- quotes the website of Mikhailov" StarHit ".

Nikolai Zinoviev also worked with Valery Leontiev, Igor Talkov, Igor Nikolaev, Nikolay Karachentsov, Lev Leshchenko and many other stars from the Soviet and Russian scene.

He wrote songs like "The Ferryman", "Casanova", "And Music Sounds", "Halftone", "Walking the Wedding", "Flight on the Delta Plan". Nikolai Nikolayevich also worked on collections of poems. He published a play called "Bobby Sands – Superstar", which critics praised. Zinoviev has been fighting against Parkinson's disease for ten years.

Earlier, "Vesti" reported that the legendary American singer died. It was also recently announced that died world-famous opera singer.

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