Arbenin compared creativity with Zemfira and Monetochki

The leader of the rock band "Night Snipers" Diana Arbenina spoke about the creativity of the pop singer Monetochka, and she admitted that she does not live life without sympathy.

She compared Monetochka with Zemfira and concluded that she did not see a promising musician in the young singer. Arbenina believes that Zemfira immediately presented itself as a "cool and promising" creator.

According to the soloist of "Night Snipers", current musicians try to shock, but behind them is nothing in the first place. According to the singer this can be done "one and a half times", but then the shock becomes unattractive. I actually love generous men. In my family there has never been a hint of avarice, cruelty.

Before Zemfira called Monetochka's voice "disgusting" and criticized the pop singer Grechka. A monstrous voice and appearance. Zemfira added that Monetochka's voice was "disgusting." When Zemfira attacked the criticism from all over the Runet.

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