Ben Affleck meets the model

Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) celebrated his 46th birthday not so long ago. It was reported that he was very happy, because he spent a good summer with his beloved Lindsay Sukus. Now, however, it appears that the Hollywood star has a new companion – the Playboy model.

Ben enjoys the company of the 22-year-old Playboy model Shona Sexton. The actor was seen in the company of the model for the first time last Thursday, most likely, it was their first date and it was in a restaurant in Malibu.

On Sunday they could be seen again in the parking lot at one of the fast food restaurants of the Jack In The Box. Affleck was sitting on the driver's seat of his black SUV, he was in a black T-shirt and Sean was next to him and smiled happily.

The source told PEOPLE that Sean was seen in Affleck's house before they went to dinner. "They spent some time in the house and then skated through the city," said the source. – They talked and laughed and had a nice time together. Ben looked happy. & # 39;

Later, the same source said that the couple ordered dinner at Affleck's house. The actor's day, together with the model, questions his relationship with Lindsey Shukus, with whom he met more than a year. Lindsay was not on the actor's birthday on Wednesday and since then she has deleted his account with Insta. Relationships with Lindsey were the first for Ben since his retirement with Jennifer Garner, with whom the actor has three children.

In the summer Shukus and Affleck spent a lot of time together by stopping at Affleck's country house and in her Los Angeles accommodation. When close to the couple, sources claimed that the couple enjoys each other's company and spends a lot of time together. In July they were shown together in Puerto Rico, where Affleck played in the new movie for Netflix "The last thing he wanted." It was said that they were happy and in love.

Shona Sexton was born in Virginia, she became "Miss May 2018".

Last year Affleck told in a series of interviews that he is fighting his alcohol addiction and continues the treatment. "He continues to focus on his health and relationships with others, he attends meetings, practices yoga and meditation, sometimes he is on the edge, but he continues to work on himself," – said a source close to the star.

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