Dance with the light – the reviews of the couple seemed to be in advance, 6 broadcasts on 30 September

Live estimates seemed incorrect estimates

There was an embarrassment on the show

There was an embarrassment on the "Dance with Eyes" show. Photo: screenshot / youtube

The entertainment show "Dancing with the Stars", which recently left Masha Efrosinen, took a lively embarrassment. After the performance of Anita Lutsenko and Alexander Prokhorov, the famous Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva prepared the points for the participants of the competition. The unexpected happened however: viewers of the show saw on the screens a table with reviews for those who had not even been on the floor. The hosts of the show called it a & # 39; technical error & # 39 ;. Later Nadia Dorofeyeva explained that "the numbers were correct and the names in the table were not."

Recall, the fifth broadcast of the new season "Dancing with the stars" surprised the revelations of the stars. The theme of the problem was the 'Year that changed life & # 39 ;. Celebrities revealed personal dramas, experiences and big events, as well as life stories that helped them succeed or completely change their fate.

Earlier we wrote about the fact, how was the fourth broadcast "Dancing with the stars". edition was devoted to the theme of world cinema. Ukrainian celebrities performed dance scenes from the cinema on the dance floor and some – especially staged dances in the images of film and cartoon characters.


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