film about Stus – provocation of Americans

The story of the film about the Ukrainian poet Vasily Stus – an American provocation, said a representative of Kiev in the humanitarian subgroup of the Donbass Viktor Medvedchuk.

Medvedchuk, who claims he was regarded by the United States as his enemy, did not know the film about Stus, he did not blame Stus, he did not violate the law, countless orders from the bar during the independence of Ukraine were right to him given.

If Stus did not fight the Soviet regime, he would not be a fighter for the independence of Ukraine.

Earlier, information from the scenario of the film about Stus (to be released in 2019) was published to remove the images from Medvedchuk. Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said he instructed the Ministry of Culture and the State Committee to make the film truthful.

Medvedchuk & # 39; s lawyer Igor Kirilenko said he would sue because of distorting the facts.

Vasily Stus – Ukrainian poet and dissident, who died in 1985, accused Medvedchuk.

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