Horoscope of the ancient Indians: discover your zodiac sign

Horoscope of the ancient Indians: discover your zodiac sign

The Amerindians of America had their horoscopes – the spirit of animals associated with the Indian belief in animism. The ancients believed that the universe and all objects in this universe have souls and spirits.

According to the same belief, the Indians believed that the spirit of the animal is in fact a supernatural force that embodies, communicates or transfers all the characteristics of this animal, reports World Facts FTW.

This animal spirit can also be interpreted as a conductor, which appears in dreams in the form of an animal.

Therefore, these symbols are very important to Indians, and below is information about these symbols and their meaning:

Otter. January 20 – February 18

Character traits: very persistent, patient, manageable.

Strengths: their talents are combined with ambition.

Do not like: disrespect and infidelity.

Happy color: purple.

Happiness number: 19.

Happy days: Tuesday.

The wolf. February 19 – March 20

Character traits: love loneliness, very loyal and extremely independent.

Strengths: tirelessly striving for success.

Do not like it: arrogance and fraud.

Happy color: red.

Lucky number: 3.

Happy days: Thursday.

Sokol. 20 March – 19 April

Characteristics: humor, purpose and strength.

Strengths: hard-working character and strong will.

Do not like: slowness and laziness.

Happy color: black.

Lucky number: 21.

Happy days: Friday.

Bober. April 20 – May 20

Characteristics: goodwill, warm character, tenderness.

Strengths: empathy and self-awareness.

Do not like it: raw and gadget dependent people.

Happy color: gray.

Lucky number: 18.

Happy days: Monday.

The deer. May 21 – June 20

Character traits: sharpness, vigilance and mobility.

Strengths: determination and courage.

Do not like: disdainful people and liars.

Happy color: white.

Lucky number: 11.

Happy days: Tuesday.

Woodpecker. June 21-July 21

Character traits: instinctive and thoughtful.

Strengths: unwavering and goal-oriented.

Do not like: disrespect, lies and scammers.

Happy color: burgundy.

Lucky number: 29.

Happy days: Sunday.

Salmon. 22 July – 21 August

Character traits: they are creative, very loyal and intelligent.

Strengths: elegance and modernity.

Do not like: order and worldly problems.

Happy color: turquoise.

Successful number: 6.

Happy days: Friday.

The bear. August 22 – September 21

Character traits: they are passionate, cruel and very self-conscious.

Strengths: straight lines and courage.

Do not like it: picky and trivial.

Happy color: orange.

Lucky number: 23.

Happy days: Monday.

Crows. September 22 – October 22

Characteristics: a black sense of humor, perseverance and sharpness of mind.

Strong points: understanding people and a strong sense of loyalty.

Do not like: small-mindedness, drama and pretension.

Happy color: blue.

Lucky number: 14.

Happy days: Saturday.

Snake. October 23 – November 22

Character traits: decisive, mobile and furious defenders.

Strengths: passionate and friendly.

Do not like: brutality, subtlety and dishonesty.

Happy color: green.

Lucky number: 9.

Happy days: Wednesday.

The owl. November 23 – December 21

Characteristics: they are mysterious and charming;

Strengths: strong will, ambition.

Do not like: gossip.

Happy color: brown.

Lucky number: 17.

Happy days: Friday.

Gus. December 22 – January 19

Characteristics: they are very thoughtful, gentle and calm.

Strengths: peace, wisdom and a high spirit.

Do not like: brutality and laziness.

Happy color: yellow.

Lucky number: 12.

Happy days: Sunday.


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